Check out this new Christian college directory

I just wanted to let readers know to check out this new Christian college directory online called It’s a work in progress, but so far I have over 800 Christian colleges and universities listed. I’ll be creating a listing page for each college over the coming year.

The purpose of the site is to provide information for the Christian community about college alternatives. Credit By Exam as an approach to college works for many students pursuing many different careers, but it won’t work for everyone. Some may need a bricks and mortar college experience to complete certain degrees or career goals.

Either way, we think the Credit by Exam approach of CollegePlus is a powerful way to speed up any college career and cut tuition costs by testing out of classes that aren’t absolutely necessary to show up in a classroom.

Check out the directory here.

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The Lost Art of Internships & Mentoring – Webinar

This webinar will be moderated by Kevin Swanson, host of “Generations” Radio Program.

Webinar attendees will hear inspiring stories from Kevin Swanson about the power and origin of mentoring and how student scan maximize learning through internships.

Webinar Details:

  • July 26, 2012
  • 5pm PT • 6pm MT • 7pm CT • 8pm ET

Click here to sign up for The Lost Art of Internships & Mentoring.

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The high cost of college is fueled in part by lack of discernment from parents

The high cost of collegeI’m a big believer in personal responsibility, and this article makes a great point about parents’ roles in the high cost of traditional colleges and universities. American parents (and taxpayers) are collectively not very discerning when it comes to where we send our kids to college, how much we pay for it, how much the government subsidizes it, and what political philosophies our kids are being fed while they are there.

We are paying for the excesses of this “higher” education system by not taking personal responsibility for making better choices. We complain about the high costs, but we choose to remain ignorant and passive when dealing with the political machines in both major parties that prop up the educational establishment.

Let’s stop feeding the beast. I don’t believe we can just fix the system by tweaking it around the edges any more. Discerning parents and students, often from homeschooling families, are taking matters into their own hands and voting with their feet. By opting out of the traditional college experience completely, in favor of continuing their self directed learning at the college level, they are truly getting a higher education that will help them compete with their peers–peers who are often graduating with meaningless pieces of paper and no real life experience or work ethic to back it up.

That’s not to say that all discerning parents will steer their kids away from traditional college campuses. Some people might truly be called to careers or to personal or professional ministries that require being physically present on a college campus. For those who don’t find themselves in that situation, I believe there are much better ways to get an education.

What do you think? Please share your comments below!

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Welcome to!

Thanks for checking out our new site to provide real reviews from parents and students using the CollegePlus system. What is CollegePlus? It’s nothing short of amazing. It is a college coaching program that allows students to study at home and online, either exclusively or in addition to on-campus classes, to obtain a quality accredited degree in their chosen fields.

Stay tuned, or request more info from the links above!

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