CollegePlus Reviews & Testimonials

Benefits of CollegePlus

  • CollegePlus is run with clear Christian values that are communicated to students and parents every step of the way.
  • It’s entirely feasible to cut the time to finish a Bachelor degree in half.
  • Save tons of $$$ over traditional college, even community college.
  • Degrees are accredited and graduates have a track record of success.
  • Your student can avoid the immaturity and worldliness of college campus life and get right into the real world of the workplace much sooner than their competitors.
  • Your students will be better conditioned to be self-starters than their traditional college graduate competitors in the workplace.

My name is Kevin Harper, and my wife and I have homeschooled our seven kids since our oldest (now 20) was in the third grade. We wanted to provide some CollegePlus reviews & testimonials, because we have used the college degree planning service for two of our kids and have become huge fans.

Like most homeschooling families, we struggled at first to wrap our minds around how to do the “high school years” and ultimately the college years. Eventually, we ran across a great little book called “College Without Compromise,” which we immediately saw as something that might fit our family as a potential alternative to doing traditional college on-campus.

We initially tried to do all the degree research and course research independently, but were soon overwhelmed with the amount of time involved to plan a degree and execute a strategy to complete it efficiently. Even given our do-it-yourself attitude, we were discouraged. We had little confidence that we were even having our son take the right exams, and even less that we were purchasing the most effective study materials for him to pass them.

Thankfully, that’s about the time we found out about CollegePlus. At first, we were skeptical about CollegePlus claims that students were doing a test every two weeks. That seemed like an unbelievable sales pitch, actually. One exam per month seemed more reasonable, and we honestly would have been happy with that.

After signing up for CollegePlus, they put our son through a great prep course called Life Purpose Planning to help us set a direction for his studies and eventual career. All this was done prayerfully and with as much involvement as we wanted to have as parents. A coach was assigned who turned out to be a great accountability partner.

Our Success Stories

Sam, our 20 year old is currently planning on graduating with an accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management within the next few months. He has worked almost full time during that time, is debt-free, has a nice savings account and even an impressive 401(k) through his employer for his age. He’s saved money that he would not have been able to otherwise, owns his own car with no payments, and he’ll graduate with no debt whatsoever.

Saty, his younger sister, is 19 and is expected to finish her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications sometime in the next year. She will likely graduate sometime in 2014, also with zero debt. That’s after taking time off for a mission trip to Haiti.

We plan on enrolling each of our kids if and when they decide a college degree is part of God’s plan for their lives.

Please leave your own reviews as comments below! We’d love to hear your comments and questions! Please call me if you have any questions at Request CollegePlus Info

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